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We help deep tech startups set to be real game changers in Quantum technologies.

Quantum Ventures Ltd

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Quantum Ventures Ltd is a leading firm formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the launch of new business initiatives, and the management of special corporate situations that include changes, financial restructuring, insolvency proceedings and acquisitions or divestitures of companies or units of business by industrial or financial investors.

What We Offer

The Quantum Ventures integrated and flexible business model aims to have direct control of the expansion phases that add the highest value of the startups where it invests, placing the search for greater quality at the heart of all its work. The promotion of a chain of advisors and testimonies of the market in a responsible way is a fundamental part of this process; There can be no long-term growth without responsibility and respect. During the last year, Quantum Ventures has established rules dedicated to supporting the integration of social and environmental factors in commercial and investment decision making. We also offer Provisional Management services or corporate advice to successful management teams in extraordinary or non-recurring situations. We provide high-level operational and financial skills through a team of highly experienced professionals in launching start-ups and restructuring companies. We offer advice, management and execution of private capital transactions, including non-core businesses or companies in special situations.

The Quantum Revolution Fund

The Quantum Revolution Fund is a structured investment vehicle in an LP with the objective of materializing Venture Capital investments exclusively in the field of Quantum industry. The first objective is up to 100 million euros.

Fund Strategy

Unique exposure to the Quantum Revolution

The Quantum revolution is transforming all industries at exceptional speed, generating solid returns with continuing momentum in the coming years. Most investors, however, don’t have the access or knowledge to capitalize on these opportunities. The Quantum Revolution Fund is the smart choice for individuals and companies that want a leader position in a technology to position themselves in a market that will revolutionize the world.

Quantum Ventures goal is to pursue sustainable and responsible growth within the global Quantum tecnologies segment. Creativity, variety, sustainability and being true to itself have always been the cornerstones of the Quantum Ventures founders philosophy. Change is the force driving its unrelenting effort to explore its own and other worlds through a continuous dialogue with an ever broader investors base. Its strategy is closely related to the Quantum Ventures philosophy and values, and is underpinned by 2 pillars.

Quantum ventures invests in companies in the Quantum industry, in two ways, the first, supporting new startups through our incubation and acceleration programs: Q-Open Innovation and Q-Tech Accelerator, the second, encouraging co-investments with other operators directly from our investment fund " The Quantum Revolution Fund".

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