Unique exposure to the Quantum Revolution

The Quantum revolution is transforming all industries at exceptional speed, generating solid returns with continuing momentum in the coming years. Most investors, however, don’t have the access or knowledge to capitalize on these opportunities. The Quantum Revolution Fund is the smart choice for individuals and companies that want a leader position in a technology to position themselves in a market that will revolutionize the world.

Eligible Investors

  • Qualified Private & Institutional investors. (No U.S.A.)

  • Minimum ticket: 100.000.-EUR

If you are interested in investing in our investment fund, write us and we will provide you with more information.

Learn, invest & Be Inspired at the 2nd Quantum Revolution

...Accelerate machine learning, material discovery, process optimization and improve our understanding of nature at the atomic scale. 

...lead to quantum enhanced internet. 

...enable detection of motion, light, gravity, electric and magnetic fields with an accuracy that surpasses conventional technologies. 

...create an innovation chain for tech companies exploring the limits of technology.

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